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and then why put these characters in in the first place? children dont need to see themselves in a show aimed at young adults they wont be watching.

whats smart or original about introducing a character that’s a child, but with a ~THEYRE A GENIUS~ twist? why? why not even use a teen? HMMRMR

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and man the “genius/child prodigy” trope is so tiring. is it too hard/boring to write a child as a child? do they HAVE to be ultra smart/super ahead of other kids their age?

the only difference between the adult characters and these child characters it that the children are ~small and cute~ and maybe sometimes “”“a little bit childish”“” which is usually something dumb like forcing weird tsundere behaviour onto them or they like ~cute animals~ or something gAH

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do people know that children are not just small adults

children do not usually behave like adults or teenagers, nor can you expect them to

putting a kid in a show or game and being like “they are 8 years old (BUT THEYRE A GENIUS!!1)” and have them form relationships with random adults and hang around with people x3 their ages doing tiring and complex shit all day

children dont… behave like that???? have you met a child recently??..??

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people actually rec’d stuff, god bless u

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remember that “make sure it ends in tears” spanking post that kinksters were breaking their backs trying to defend and that it was totally fine and didnt represent subconscious abusive desires and how rape culture permeates into consensual sex lives at all


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Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace ➜




Scrounging termite. Kill it with fire.

Meanwhile David Cameron has announced plans to scrap Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefit for 18-21 year olds. I wish this was a sick joke, but it’s not.

It’s amazing that their response is “this would be bad press PR” and not “this is really fucked up,” which shows that they would probably do it if they thought no one would notice.

"He said the move was part of plan to end youth unemployment." yeah fucking right

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i started up my laptop to add music to my itunes but i’ve only added 2 things

rec me… rec me stuff……

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I do not like that little peanut man

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