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That brony con horror story was fabricated. ➜








OP literally made up a sexual assault and failed abduction story about an eleven year old girl for the sake of getting notes for anti-brony hate, and…

Let’s not forget that terrible things often happen at anime and comic cons and grocery store parking lots and malls and in the military and in people’s own houses. Don’t act like bronies are the only group of people where something bad has ever happened. Large groups of people means there is a chance that there might be a terrible person in there that might do something terrible.

Keep in mind that every year there is a number of muggings at Otakon, so surely everyone in and around the largest anime con in the US is a terrible person? Because that’s totally how things work? And how about all the wonderful instances of sexual harassment at comic cons?

My mother’s former boss got abducted from a grocery store parking lot in broad daylight by a group of men that forced her to buy things for them at gun point. Clearly 100% of people that go to the grocery are horrible people by that logic.

Stop clinging to single instances of bronies doing bad things as proof that they’re bad. The human race has some assholes in it, this is nothing new.

Bad things happen everywhere. 

That doesn’t mean we should ignore them.

We should be trying to make our spaces as good as they can be.

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if you see that the fandom based around a piece of media made to teach and empower little girls is full of misogynists and abusers and you jump to defend it with “but other fandoms are just as bad” you are completely missing the fact that your fandom is literally built on the ideals of a show made to teach and empower little girls. it is supposed to be a safe space for people who share those same views it is not excusable to have abusers and misogynists in that space

like you don’t compare a fandom for a kids show to like, a fandom for a fanservice anime or a fandom for a violent horror movie your fandom shouldn’t be showing the exact opposite traits of the media it is lauding as worth celebrating

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i cant believe i bought THE shinji ikari for a price of $9.99

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i have to babysit tomorrow which is bad because im on my period and therefore feeling very ill and grumpy

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blazing in progress

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sure would be cool if i could watch oculus rift vids and demos without having to cope with dozens of horrible, annoying youtube lets players

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